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Rebranding ESMT

On Monday, March 4, ESMT proudly unveiled a vibrant update to its brand identity, marking a significant milestone more than two decades after our school’s inception. 

This refreshing transformation includes a new logo, tagline, and color scheme that reflect our progressive outlook while paying homage to our roots in Berlin’s history.

In the latest episode of Campus 10178 podcast, guests Jeanne M. Gaebler, deputy director of corporate communications at ESMT, and Andy McLane, creative director of Anything is Possible, detail the unique risks and opportunities of rebranding ESMT. They discuss what the new tagline, “Business as Unusual,” reflects of ESMT’s future focus, and the process by which the new corporate identity was developed. Following on extensive collaboration with and listening to key stakeholders, including faculty, alumni, and students, the two share lessons about the importance of asking the right questions, being open to different ideas, and building trust with creative partners.

Guest information:

Andy McLane
Creative Director
Anything is Possible (AIP Media)

Jeanne M. Gaebler
Deputy Director, Corporate Communications
ESMT Berlin

About Campus 10178

Campus 10178 is Germany’s #1 podcast on the business research behind business practice. Brought to you each month by ESMT Berlin, the 45-minute show brings together top scholars, executives, and policymakers to discuss today’s hottest topics in leadership, innovation, and analytics. Campus 10178 – Where education meets business.