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illustration of a group of seven women of color entrepreneurs facing the viewer

Breaking barriers for women of color entrepreneurs in Europe

Recognizing and elevating the work of women of color is vital in an entrepreneurial landscape where equity is paramount. This is far from today's reality.

Because of race and gender, founders who are women of color often face significant barriers, including poor representation and limited access to funding in investment circles. Creating supportive networks that can help these founders navigate these obstacles is essential for building an inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem.

In episode 27 of Campus 10178, the ESMT business podcast, host Tammi L. Coles interviews Alina Bassi, co-founder and CEO of Kleiderly and one of the three women who established Founderland, a groundbreaking nonprofit organization that supports women of color entrepreneurs across Europe. In this episode, they discuss the importance of diversity in entrepreneurship, the creation of Founderland, and the unique challenges faced by women of color entrepreneurs.

Throughout the conversation, Bassi shares insights from her journey as a migrant and entrepreneur in Berlin. She speaks about how Founderland was established to address the lack of representation and access to resources for women of color entrepreneurs that she and her co-founders experienced. The episode also explores Founderland’s key initiatives, such as their investor readiness accelerator “Compass,” the publication of their “Rise and Thrive” report, as well as programs that equip Founderland members with the skills to prepare compelling pitches and negotiate effectively with investors. Bassi shares her vision of a future in which women of color reshape the image of who founders are and can be.

Guest contact information:

Alina Bassi

CEO, Kleiderly

Managing director, Founderland




Rise & Thrive: An intersectional exploration of the experience of women of color founders

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