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Fighting AI bias means championing LGBTIQ+ rights

In the fast-paced world of artificial intelligence, uncovering the hidden biases and pitfalls that can perpetuate inequalities is crucial for equity and justice.

AI research conducted and published by individuals who are not part of marginalized communities can set back decades of progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Examples, such as the deadnaming and misgendering phenomenon faced by trans scholars, highlight the need for change in AI academic spaces. Involving LGBTIQ+ persons and other marginalized communities in the development and deployment of AI can ensure that it serves their interests. 

In episode 26 of Campus 10178, the ESMT business podcast, host Tammi L. Coles (she/her) welcomes Arjun Subramonian (they/them), a computer science PhD student at UCLA and a member of Queer in AI. The episode delves into the intersection of AI, queer and gender identities, and the digital rights of marginalized communities. Subramonian sheds light on the biases and challenges faced by LGBTIQ+ and BIPOC persons and other communities underrepresented in AI development and deployment. The conversation explores the role of large language models like ChatGPT, research that shows the value of intersectional and inclusive approaches to challenging AI bias, and the importance of grassroots organizations and student activism in ensuring an AI future that serves all. 

Guest contact information:

Arjun Subramonian

Twitter @arjunsubgraph


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