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The transformative power of edtech in executive education

Edtech is rapidly evolving – offering new opportunities for learning, skills development, and peer exchange.

Rather than wholly displacing traditional education methods, blended approaches in edtech leverage the benefits of online and on-site learning to meet the needs and preferences of today’s learners.

In episode 24 of Campus 10178, the ESMT business podcast, Nan Guo and Roselva Tunstall, directors of the Learning Innovation Lab at ESMT Berlin, share their insights on the explosive development of edtech. The guests discuss how edtech has helped to democratize executive education to create transformative learning experiences for a broader array of users. The episode explores the tension between the convenience and accessibility of online learning and the desire for meaningful peer-learning and network-building experiences. The guests provide insights into how companies can seek out and wrest value from executive education programs that balance these competing demands, as well as tips for learners who are evaluating what will be best for their personal learning needs.

Guest contact information:

Nan Guo and Roselva Tunstall

Directors, Learning Innovation Lab

ESMT Berlin


Nan Guo on LinkedIn:

Roselva Tunstall on LinkedIn:

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