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Fintech is a feminist issue

“Financial inclusion is positioned prominently as an enabler of other developmental goals in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, where it is featured as a target in eight of the seventeen goals,” states the UNCDF. However, the gap between today’s reality and tomorrow’s promise seems ever wider. Too many women remain unbanked, undercompensated, and wholly blocked from financial markets. Can technological advances in financial services be a real lever for change? 

In episode #17 of Campus 10178, the ESMT Berlin podcast, we speak with Solape Akinpelu, the co-founder and CEO of HerVest, a women-focused, inclusive fintech platform enabling women to participate in key financial services in Africa. In leading the Nigeria-based social enterprise, Akinpelu and HerVest bring a gender-lens approach to traditional financial services, wielding tech innovations in the space so that women gain access to the lending, savings, credit, and investments that can transform their financial futures.  

“Supporting and amplifying the role of gender initiatives and perspectives in fintech is non-negotiable.” – Solape Akinpelu, CEO, HerVest 

Guest contact information: 

Solape Akinpelu 



Phone: +234 805 604 7815 


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