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MedTech innovation – revolutionizing patient care through deep tech

MedTech innovation represents the cutting edge of healthcare, merging technology with patient care to create solutions that are both advanced and deeply human-centered.

This field is not just about technology; it’s about understanding patient needs and designing solutions that are as compassionate as they are innovative. Its potential lies in its ability to transform patient experiences and outcomes, making healthcare more accessible, effective, and personalized.

Deep tech plays a pivotal role in this, presenting unique challenges and longer development cycles for MedTech, yet offering substantial potential to revolutionize healthcare through advanced technological solutions.

In episode 29 of Campus 10178, the ESMT Berlin business podcast, host Tammi L. Coles sits down with Oshin Behl, the venture manager at ESMT’s DEEP Institute and Creative Destruction Lab (CDL-Berlin). Dr. Behl’s unique journey from a clinical background to leading MedTech innovation highlights the intersection of healthcare and technology, shaping the future of patient care.

Dr. Behl discusses her transition from medical practice to the MedTech sector, emphasizing the importance of patient-centric product development in startups. The conversation explores the genesis and mission of CDL, initially developed at the University of Toronto. CDL stands out in its dedication to bridging the gap between deep tech innovation and commercial success, fostering a collaborative environment where mentors, investors, and scientists come together to support startups in digital health and MedTech. Berlin's unique ecosystem, combining creative thinking and robust institutional support, emerges as a significant factor in its MedTech and biotech innovation success.

Dr. Behl also shares her experiences at the MedTech World Summit, where she represented CDL and ESMT. Key takeaways from the summit included advancements in surgical MedTech and the integration of AI. Dr. Behl observed significant innovations in various surgical procedures and AI's role in enhancing predictive analytics in medicine.

Dr. Behl also offers insights for ESMT students and aspiring MedTech innovators, outlining ways to engage with CDL and the broader MedTech landscape. Her advice underscores the value of mentorship and real-world experience in shaping impactful healthcare innovations.

Listeners interested in MedTech innovation and collaboration opportunities are encouraged to connect with Dr. Behl and CDL-Berlin via LinkedIn.

Guest contact information

Dr. Oshin Behl, Venture Manager

DEEP Institute for Deep Tech Innovation

Creative Destruction Lab

ESMT Berlin

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