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Stain glass window by Walter Womacka at ESMT Berlin


Celebrating two decades of success of business education in Germany

Although Germany was (and remains) the most powerful economy in Europe, in 2002 it was lacking a world-class international business school. So, 25 leading German corporations set out to change that. Their vision gave birth to ESMT Berlin. In the years since, the school has reached #7 in the top business schools of Europe and is #1 in Germany. 

In Episode 23 of Campus 10178, the ESMT Berlin podcast, ESMT President Jörg Rocholl steps into the podcast studio to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of ESMT (#ESMT20). He speaks on the key drivers for establishing an international business school in Germany, the school’s rise to success, and the path ahead for education in business management, especially in light of the digital transformation, climate change/sustainability, and war. 

“We strongly believe that we would not only like to have relevance for business, which is important enough, but also have relevance for society. We strongly believe that business can only operate in a society which actually gives the credit to business to operate the way business operates. This means business always has to recouple its legitimacy with society.” – Jörg Rocholl, President, ESMT Berlin 

Guest contact information: 

Jörg Rocholl 

President and Deutsche Bank Professor in Sustainable Finance 

ESMT Berlin 



About Campus 10178

Campus 10178 is Germany’s #1 podcast on the business research behind business practice. Brought to you each month by ESMT Berlin, the 45-minute show brings together top scholars, executives, and policymakers to discuss today’s hottest topics in leadership, innovation, and analytics. Campus 10178 – Where education meets business.