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DEEP Pioneers

Unleash Your Deep-Tech Startup Potential with Deep Pioneers: The Launchpad Where Scientists Meet Entrepreneurs

Where innovation meets opportunity

We understand the pivotal role that deep tech plays in shaping a better future for society and the planet. However, we also recognize that bringing deep tech innovations to market can be challenging. That's where we come in.

At DEEP Pioneers, we bring together the best of both worlds - experienced entrepreneurs and visionary scientists - to bring cutting-edge technologies to life. Our mission: build the right founding teams with the resources they need to turn their inventions into thriving businesses. We source disruptive technologies with high a high "technology readiness level" from across Europe, develop the founding team and connect with the rare species of "deep tech proof" investors to fuel growth. The market opportunities for deep tech solutions are immense, and we're here to help you tap into that potential. 

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Our Approach

There is neither a lack of technologies, nor of market opportunities. The startup ecosystem fails at connecting breakthrough technologies with experienced entrepreneurs and those investors who do not shy away from true deep tech startups. Hence, DEEP pioneers will fill this gap.

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  • Groundwork

    We select the best and brightest minds in deep tech, sourcing 50 top scientists with strong IP and high Technology Readiness Levels, and pairing them with 20 entrepreneurs who have deep tech experience, a proven B2B track record, and a clear vision for their next startup.

  • Bootcamp

    Our three-day Bootcamp, held off the grid, is where the magic happens. Founding teams get to know each other, workshop with mentors, and form initial commitments.

  • Team Execution

    The most promising teams are selected to receive grants from our partner VCs and sponsors and receive tailored mentoring to become investment-ready.

  • Launch

    The best health-related teams might get access to the Creative Destruction Lab Berlin.

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Additional Information


DEEP - The Institute for Deep Tech Innovation was initiated at ESMT, Germany’s #1 business school, in 2022 to rebuild the journey from basic research to global champion. As a partner for Europe’s leading research organizations, top-notch scientists and the seriously ambitious deep tech innovators, DEEP runs entrepreneurial academies, operates the Creative Destruction Lab Berlin and supports the commercialization of IP through creating spin-offs.

Visit the Deep Website supports the world's most innovative organizations with new business and product development. It is a business intelligence platform that matches innovative technologies and knowledge from research organizations with the specific innovation needs of pioneering companies across industries and geographies.