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Error Management

Enhancing our understanding of errors and their management
Interview with Della Bradshaw from the Financial Times

Jan Hagen on learning to embrace errors

November 12, 2018

4th Error Management Conference at ESMT Berlin

Does this story look familiar?

The Earthquake

European Commission Conference in Brussels, June 18, 2015

Learning from Failure

14-15 January, 2016

2nd Error Management Conference in Berlin

Prof. Jan U. Hagen on the importance of Error Management in organizations


Errors or mistakes are nothing we welcome. In fact, we probably all remember mistakes we would rather forget and shudder when recalling the embarrassment they caused us. However, if we do not relegate our mistakes to the most hidden corners of our brains, we can learn from them.

For organizations, errors and their emotional charge are an ongoing concern. Both cause people to lie about their mistakes, fiercely deny them, and sweep them under the carpet - all actions that prevent organizational learning.

It is a behavior that is oftentimes so engrained into a culture that it is considered normal. It is not normal, not if we want to increase an organization's knowledge.

ESMT Berlin is not only conducting research on error management but also supports companies and organizations in implementing an open error and learning culture.

Learn more about Error Management at Jan Hagen's web page.

TEDxESMTBerlin Conference

How teams can spot that they are on the wrong track

Jan U. Hagen

Books on Error Management

Confronting Mistakes by Jan U. Hagen

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How Could This Happen? by Jan U. Hagen

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