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MBA scholarships & financing

Financing solutions to meet your MBA goals

The full-time MBA at ESMT Berlin is an investment that will transform your long-term career trajectory. Here you can find out everything about the program’s cost and the options that might be available to you to help finance your studies.


Full-time MBA tuition fees at ESMT

Total tuition and fees are € 49,500

This includes the cost of books, study materials, and a Smart Certificate; it excludes travel costs for study trips or exchanges. There is no change in fee for candidates fully funded by their companies.

Most students fund their studies with a mix of personal funds, loans, and scholarships.

Living costs

Berlin is Germany’s political and cultural capital and there is always something to do or see:  it’s a center of modern art and film, has a thriving food scene, and is home to people from all over the world.  Living here is certainly not boring. 

In addition to tuition, you should budget enough money for living costs. We estimate average living costs – per month – to be:

  • Health insurance (required):  € 40 (private) to € 90 (public)

  • Rent:  € 400-800 (private room) or € 1,000+ (apartment)

  • Food:  € 200

  • Transport:  € 65

  • Mobile phone:  € 35

  • Sport, leisure, culture:  € 75

All students enrolled at a German university must have health insurance coverage. Confirmation is needed before we can officially enroll you at ESMT.

Financing options

Financing a substantial investment in your future career may present a significant challenge. There are a range of scholarships available to help students of different backgrounds and abilities realize their potential. In addition to this, ESMT Berlin can offer access to a range of study loan options and sources of funding that might be applicable to you. 

Tax Deductions

Many countries allow tuition for higher education, and related costs, to count as tax-deductible expenses. You can learn more about the requirements in Germany, for example, here. Please check with your tax advisor to assess your personal situation.

Possible deductions might include:

  • Tuition fees
  • Travel required by the program
  • Temporary housing expenses
  • Cost of prep courses - English, special courses, etc.