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Cyber Strategy and Innovation

Cyber Strategy and Innovation

Digital innovation is crucial for economic growth and societal progress. However, cybersecurity is a significant concern for all digital innovations, on both the organizational and the national levels.

For companies, the success of digital business models and the transition into digital production depend on a comprehensive strategy to address and mitigate cyber risks. Cyber risks affect the availability and integrity of production, the quality of digital products and services, as well as the confidentiality of intellectual property and business processes. Hence, cybersecurity is critical for companies’ ability to succeed in the digital economy.

The same applies to nation states. Modern societies strongly depend on information technology. Critical infrastructure protection against military and criminal cyberattacks is a priority of governments worldwide. Even the core of democratic processes are affected by cyber risks: Leaks, misuse of social bots and election hacking target the fundamental legitimization of democracies.

Cyber strategies have to cope with the dilemma of fostering innovation whilst mitigating cyber risks. DSI designs effective, responsible strategies for politics, business and society in Europe's digital future. It is our understanding that effective cyber strategies are first and foremost innovation strategies.

Our team works on

  • Nation-wide cyber strategies, linking together political, military, economic and scientific elements
  • Organizational cyber strategies, combining technological and economic innovation with effective risk management
  • Methods to describe the ability of an organization to assess and control digital dependencies
  • Building models for enhancing digital sovereignty of companies and nations
  • Strategies to enhance cyber capabilities of nation states and companies, including effective models for public private partnerships

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Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar

Director, DSI
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Isabel Skierka-Canton, PhD

Researcher and Program Lead, DSI
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Richard Skalt

Manager, DSI
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