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Finance for Executives

Dates: 21. Nov 2023 - 24. Nov 2023
Duration: 4 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 5,000 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Gaining a deeper understanding of profit-and-loss accounts, balance sheets, and cash flow
    • Learning to identify relevant costs and revenues
    • Communicating financial goals to others
    • Building a network of global contacts
    Target audience:

    Senior or mid-level managers from non-financial backgrounds interested in gaining a better understanding of financial principles.

    Topics: Finance

Leading People and Teams

Dates: 28. Nov 2023 - 01. Dec 2023
Duration: 4 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 5,600 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Identifying the mindset, skills, and behaviors required of effective leaders
    • Learning how to leverage your strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of your network
    • Acquiring the tools to strengthen your professional network
    • Broadening your active network of global business contacts
    Target audience:
    • Executives with at least five years of experience in leading teams who wish to be more effective in reaching
      organizational goals through people.
    Topics: Leadership

Mastering Negotiations

Dates: 28. Nov 2023 - 30. Nov 2023
Duration: 3 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 4,100 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Enhancing your conceptual, strategic, and practical understanding of negotiation
    • Refining your critical negotiation skills
    • Gaining a fundamental understanding of how to set up value-adding negotiation scenarios
    Target audience:

    Accomplished professionals who frequently conduct negotiations within their firms as well as with outside parties.

    Topics: Negotiations

Leadership Under Pressure

Dates: 04. Dec 2023 - 06. Dec 2023
Duration: 3 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 6,600 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Learn strategies for mastering critical incidents
    • Explore methods for dealing with errors in organizations
    • Learn how to establish a system of psychological safety
    • Gain insights into the crisis planning of flight crews
    • Apply your learnings alongside Lufthansa pilots in complex simulators
    Target audience:
    • Executives preparing for critical leadership scenarios, either due to the daily risks of company operations or a need to change organizational behavior with regard to mistakes.
    Topics: Decision making, Leadership, Crisis management

Women's Leadership Excellence

Dates: 06. Dec 2023 - 08. Dec 2023
Duration: 3 Days
Location: Berlin
Language: English
Tuition: 4,200 €

  • Key benefits:
    • Understanding and leveraging your own authentic female leadership excellence
    • Receiving tried and tested advice from world-class faculty, trainers and peers on career progression and satisfaction
    • Gaining clarity on the next career move and the steps towards the next level of leadership
    • Becoming change makers and creators for more inclusive workplaces.
    Target audience:
    • Female leaders/executives with responsibility for a team(s) or large projects
    • Senior experts leading global projects/teams in the transition to leadership positions
    • Outstanding female leaders in other areas.
    Topics: Leadership, Communication