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FAQ Part-Time MBA

  • What commitment is required from me?


    The part-time MBA program will be an intense, but highly rewarding, experience.

    The program will take two years to complete, and 25% of the program will take place in person over 14 residencies. The program starts with a full-week residency in Berlin for all students and concludes with a 1-week international study tour. In between, you’ll join twelve 2.5-day residencies (Thursday lunchtime to Saturday evening) in Berlin. Over 24 months you’ll need just 28 days out of the office.

    However, learning doesn’t just happen in person. Our blended approach combines face-to-face and online learning. You get the flexibility of interactive online learning at your own pace plus are able to learn with and from your peers – and our world-class faculty - online and face-to-face.

    Expect to devote an average of 15 hours a week to your studies.

  • What is the difference between the part-time and global online MBA programs?


    While both programs lead to the same triple-accredited, globally recognized, ESMT Berlin MBA degree, there are three key differences.

    Study mode:

    • Part-time MBA: 25% in-person; 75% online
    • Global Online MBA: 100% online

    Days on campus:

    • Part-time MBA: you will spend 42 days away from your home (28 weekdays): 36 days on campus in Berlin, plus a 6–day international study tour.
    • Global Online MBA: optional 5-day Berlin Experience Week elective at ESMT Berlin

    International study options:

    • Part-time MBA: 1-week international study tour to a destination agreed by the class; optional 1-week exchange at one of the 30+ schools that make up the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM); take up to two courses offered online by GNAM member schools
    • Global Online MBA: optional 1-week elective taught at ESMT Berlin (Berlin Experience Week); take up to two courses offered online by 30+ GNAM member schools
  • Will my degree certificate show how I studied for my MBA?

    No. Your degree certificate shows only that you earned an MBA from ESMT Berlin.

  • What international study opportunities are included?

    As a part-time MBA student at ESMT, you will have three opportunities for international study.

    1. The international study tour is an integral part of the curriculum and takes place at the end of the program. After selecting the destination together, the class will spend a week abroad that combines academic sessions, company visits, team-building events and a social program. Participation in this week is included in the program fee but you will be required to cover your travel and accommodation costs.
    2. During the elective phase of the program, you can choose to take part in the Global Network for Advanced Management Network Week. If accepted – places are limited and availability is not guaranteed – you will need to cover travel and accommodation costs.
    3. Study virtually through the Global Network for Advanced Management by selecting up to two Network Courses. Credits earned on these courses count towards your elective requirement.
  • What is the Hub? / What learning technologies will I be working with?

    The Hub is a cutting-edge virtual learning the platform used to provide online classes and communications with you. It offers a variety of options for you to interact with other students, faculty and program management. Courses are divided into sessions and each session will contain a selection of mini-lectures, links to readings and cases, individual and group activities. You can find assessment details and links to live online sessions in the relevant course section.

    Sign up for a test of the Learning Hub here.

  • What is the online class schedule? Do I have to participate in all classes?

    Live online classes are sessions that take place on Zoom in real time. We expect to agree on a fixed time slot for live classes (e.g. Friday, 4pm). You will then block this date in your calendar (live classes will not be scheduled every week!). Live classes are designed to maximize interaction with the course teaching team and your classmates. Ideally, you participate in each course, but ESMT also records the live classes so you can watch them later if you were perhaps unable to join.

  • How often do I have to submit assignments?

    Coursework should be completed on a weekly basis. Each course consists of 10 sessions, and each session should ideally be completed in the week it is scheduled. Working ahead is usually possible, but you should strive to follow the course pace to ensure effective group work.

    Graded assignments do NOT happen every week in each course. There are on average 3 graded assignments per 10 week-course, and they tend to be scheduled towards the end of a course, but deadlines will be distributed over the entire course to keep workload at a decent level.

  • How will my work be assessed during the courses?

    We seek to provide you with a variety of meaningful opportunities to show your learning and therefore, we have a wide selection of assessment types (essays, presentations, quizzes) in each course. In some cases this will include an exam, but more often assessment will take the form of essays, presentations, and group projects. Most courses include a combination of individual and group assessment.

  • When will I be able to view the full course content?

    Our courses use a variety of media (presentations by Faculty, YouTube clips, etc.) and all materials are available to you at the start of a course. The recording of these lessons are always uploaded within 24 hours. Our courses are designed for you to study at your own pace, though there are occasional synchronous activities.

  • How will I be able to participate in group projects during the online phases of the MBA?

    There are a variety of collaboration opportunities for you and most courses will involve a combination of individual and group assessment. The ability to collaborate successfully with peers is traditionally an essential part of the MBA learning experience, your fellow students will bring a wealth of different perspectives and knowledge from their various backgrounds. Our courses are designed to encourage and reward collaborative learning.

  • Do I need to purchase additional study material apart from what will be offered online?

    A few classes may require online textbooks and you will need purchase those. The majority of our courses will have all materials provided through the Hub or available for free online. We strive to keep any additional costs to a minimum.

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  • Why join the Part-time MBA at ESMT Berlin?

    Our Part-time MBA in Business Innovation is an ideal way to continue working full-time while gaining knowledge and competences to support not only your personal development but also the growth and transformation of your company. Due to its blended format the program is offered to German and international students.

    The content concentrates on essential MBA topics, followed by specifically designed courses on customer centricity, entrepreneurial strategy and innovation, digital business, and agility. More details on the core courses (e.g. data analytics for managers, economics for digital business, ethics and responsibility) as well as the innovation and transformation courses (e.g. data-driven technological innovation) can be found on our website.

  • Am I a "good fit” for the Part-time MBA?

    We are looking for people who want to transform their career and learn how to develop an innovation mindset, regardless of their position in the organizational hierarchy.

    You are a strong candidate if among other things:

    • you want to develop your management expertise and leadership skills while expanding your professional network across diverse industries

    • you have a university degree and several years of work experience with potential to move into leadership roles

    • you have the ambition and motivation to work full-time and study part-time

    • you have clear career goals that you can achieve with an MBA

  • How is the Part-time MBA structured?

    25% of your program takes place in person over 14 residencies. The program starts with a full-week residency in Berlin for all students and concludes with a 1-week international study tour. In between, you’ll join 2.5-day residencies (Thursday lunchtime to Saturday evening) in Berlin.

    The classroom setting allows for discussion, network building, and peer-to-peer learning while learning from ESMT’s best-in-class faculty. Expect to devote an average of 15 hours a week to your studies.

  • What are the admissions requirements for the Part-time MBA?

    Before starting an online application, prospective students must meet all of the following admission requirements. Find the full list here.

  • Is there an application fee for the Part-time MBA?

    Yes, you will be prompted to pay a €50 fee before submitting your online application. Start your application!

  • What are the GMAT and GRE requirements? Can these be waived?

    We do not have a specific minimum for GMAT/GRE scores. However, accepted students average scores are: GMAT 640 or GRE equivalent scores of approx. 160/160.

    Either the GMAT or GRE test is required and can NOT be waived. However, we do accept the ESMT Admissions Test as an alternative to the GMAT or GRE. The test is an important part of the application process as it helps us judge all applicants on an equal basis. Review of these test scores allows the Admission Committee to ensure a consistent comparable measure and a standard predictor of academic success for all applicants.

  • What is the ESMT Admissions Test?

    The ESMT Admissions Test (BAT) is administered by ESMT Berlin online. The duration of the test is around 2 hours.

    The test consists of four parts (each 30 minutes long)

    1. Communication Analysis (CA)

    2. Critical Thinking (CT)

    3. Data Interpretation (DI)

    4. Data Analysis (DA)

  • How many and what kind of references should be included in the application?

    As part of the application, you must include 2 letters of recommendation. These may be academic or professional referees (from previous employers).

    The ideal letter of recommendation is from referees that know about your performance and will take the time to write a thorough and supportive letter, detailing specific examples rather than general statements.

    Your recommenders can fill in the online reference form, which you can send from the online application system once you have filled in your referee’s contact details. Alternatively, they can send a recommendation letter directly to us via email or provide you with the recommendation letter for you to upload into your online application or send to us via email.

  • How can I prove English proficiency or waive the test requirement?

    English is the working and instructional language at ESMT. Should you need to submit proof of English proficiency with your MBA application, we accept TOEFL (95 minimum), PTE (64 minimum), IELTS (7 minimum) or other English proficiency tests. If you have taken the TOEFL more than once, we consider your MyBest™ scores on the TOEFL iBT® test, as well as your TOEFL iBT scores from a single test date. The ESMT TOEFL institution code is 8707.

    You can request a waiver of the English proficiency test requirement if English is your native language or you have earned a university degree from a program exclusively taught in English.

  • Is German proficiency required for the Part-time MBA in Business Innovation?

    German language proficiency is not required. English is ESMT's working and teaching language and English is widely spoken in Berlin.

    Pre- and/or post-MBA program, you can take an intensive German language course. Certainly, continuing your German language studies during the MBA is strongly encouraged too!

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Fees & financing

  • What are the Part-time MBA in Business Innovation tuition fees?

    The tuition and fees for the two-year part-time MBA is €39,500, which includes access to all learning materials and case studies, the learning platform and content, and a Smart Certificate. Tuition is payable in three installments over the length of the program.

  • Do you offer any scholarships for the Part-time MBA?

    Yes. There are a range of scholarships available including scholarships of up to 50% for applicants holding refugee status. We also offer early application discounts. You can find details on the Part-time MBA scholarships page.

  • What financing is available?

    An ESMT MBA is an excellent investment in your personal and professional development. Most students fund their part-time MBA through a mix of personal funds, loans, and employer support. Discover more about the loan and funding options that may be available to you.

    Furthermore, you may be able to claim tax relief on tuition and related costs including travel and accommodation. We recommend discussing your personal situation with a tax advisor.

  • How can Part-time Blended MBA in Business Innovation students participate in ESMT’s corporate network?

    Given the blended nature of the Part-time Blended MBA in Business Innovation program, you have full career services access during your residential modules and are encouraged to take advantage of all events that are held on campus, which are focused on corporate connections. Blended program students are full members of the ESMT Berlin community and are encouraged to participate in all the networking events organized.

  • What is the Part-time MBA class profile?

    • 56 students
    • 31 nationalities, 80% international
    • 33% female participants
    • Average age: 32
    • Average work experience: 9 years
  • What student clubs can I join?

    There are many student clubs  active on campus, covering a vast variety of topics such as sustainability, entrepreneurship, investment, women in leadership, and many more. All students are welcome to join and take part in initiatives.