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Student ambassadors

Our student ambassadors

Abby Qi Wang

5 years of experience in IT & Digital solutions and delivery

Guillaume Belhaj

7+ years of experience in project management, industrial engineering, and biotechnology equipment development

Anish Gaurav

5.5 years of experience in building loyalty and rewards ecosystems for consumer benefits and asset management in the Indian securities market

Tato Gobejishvili

8+ years of experience in developing and implementing SAAS Products for Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Construction, Auto-Service, and Pharmacy Retail Companies

Shashank Jain

5 years of experience in business development and consultancy in ed-tech industries

Lauren Liu

18+ years of communication, marketing, operations, and entrepreneurship experience in multinational corporations and startups in diverse industries

Anant Parashar

5 years of project management experience in the automotive industry

Fernando Vidal

5 years of experience in IT and technology industries

Anshul Shrivastava

5 years of experience in brand marketing and business strategy

Ashwin Kumar Karkisaval Sudhakar

7 years of experience in professional services in tax consulting and fund raising across e-commerce, manufacturing, real estate, and services industries

Valeria Flores Ducoing

Mexican Alumna
6 years of experience in finance/controlling in retail and medical devises industries

Yaqing Wang

Chinese Alumna
7 years of financial audit and financial due diligence experience in mulitiple industries including TMT, life science, and manufacturing

Roxie Overaker

American Alumna
6 years of experience in sales and marketing in the higher education industry

I have always had a passion for traveling and learning about different cultures. I came to ESMT to learn practical management skills in a small, fast-paced and diverse environment. My goal is to grow my leadership skills so that after graduation I am able to lead more advanced teams to have a positive impact on the growth of a company.”

Ngoc Huyen Nguyen

Vietnamese Alumna
6 years of business development and operations management experience in the healthcare and education industries

"I came to ESMT with the hope of change, both personal and professional. Not surprisingly, the school actually provided the change that I wanted. I also met amazing people who I called colleagues along the journey."

Samantha Roberts

American Alumna
4 years of customer and management experience in the finance sector

"I chose ESMT because I had the desire to move abroad to a city with exciting career opportunities. I wanted to take the time in my life to explore what I truly wanted out of my career in a diverse group of classmates I could learn from. Most importantly, I chose ESMT because of their incredible program offering and to be challenged on a personal and professional level. It has easily been one of the best decisions of my life."

Aparajith Raman

Indian Alumnus
6 years of work experience in various roles across investment banking, micro-finance, and financial inclusion startups

"My entrepreneurial journey showed me what I didn't know. I wanted an MBA to upskill myself. ESMT not only helped me fill those gaps but also gave me the opportunity to uncover what I didn't know I didn't know. The MBA program provides opportunities for everyone to shine and carve a unique path towards success. Seeing my classmates grow as leaders in such a short period of time has been an extremely rewarding experience."