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FAQ - Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Admissions FAQ

  • Why join the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    The ESMT Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MIE) is a full-time Master (MSc) program. It is targeted at young, recent bachelor graduates in their early twenties with limited to no work experience. 

    Most ESMT Master students share a desire to launch an international career while applying analytical and strategic solutions to today's business challenges. ESMT always searches for students and applicants with international experience who can perform work in diverse teams with a huge variety of possible backgrounds. Our current Master in Management program is by far the most international in Germany - no one nationality makes up more than 20% of the class.

  • Am I a good fit for the MIE?

    Our Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a personalized degree for high-potential candidates with little to no previous work experience.

    These are the major points that we pay attention to during the application process:

    • International outlook, intercultural competency, and a responsible approach to business
    • Potential for high-performance career growth in a global environment
    • Willingness to learn from others
    • Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities
    • Collegial behavior in high-stress situations
    • Academic excellence

    If it describes your character, you would definitely be a good match!

  • What are the MIE application requirements?

    The requirements for applying are:

    • Bachelor's degree
    • Proof of English proficiency. TOEFL scores (95 minimum), PTE score (64 minimum), IELTS  score (7 minimum), or another English proficiency test. Or graduating from a university program taught in English
    • Completed application, including essays and one reference
    • Less than 18 months of post-graduate professional experience (not including internship or work experience prior to bachelor program graduation)
    • GRE or GMAT is optional but may be requested in certain cases by the Admissions Team

    You can find more information on the program requirements on our webpage.

  • Is there a minimum GPA required for admission to the MIE?

    There is no minimum GPA requirement for the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Candidates with excellent grades, especially in quantitative areas, may have a competitive advantage. Strong GMAT or GRE scores may help or be required in some cases to boost weak academic performance.

  • What are the MIE GMAT and GRE requirements?

    GRE, GMAT or GMAT Focus is optional but may be requested in certain cases by the Admissions Team.

    We do not have a specific minimum score for GMAT/GRE scores. However, the average scores for admitted candidates are: GMAT (640) or GRE (equivalent scores of approx. 160/160).

    The Admissions Committee may decide to request GMAT, GMAT Focus or GRE scores for any candidate following a complete review of their application.

  • Am I eligible for a GMAT / GRE waiver?

    A strong GMAT / GRE score will strengthen your application and boost your chances of acceptance. Nevertheless, the GMAT/GRE requirement can also be waived in case of strong evidence of outstanding quantitative skills. You are welcome to send your CV and Bachelor transcripts to the Admissions team in order to get a first review and evaluation on your eligibility for a GMAT / GRE waiver. Please note that the final decision on the waiver will be made after your submitted application has been reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

  • Is work experience required to apply for the MIE?

    No work experience is required to apply to the program. You should have no more than 18 months of post-graduate (following your bachelor's degree) work experience at the moment of application. According to our admissions data, the average work experience in the current Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship class is 4 months.

    Part-time work undertaken before graduation does not count towards the 18-month total limit. Same applies to the work experience, which is not “career-relevant”.

  • How can I prove English proficiency or waive the test requirement?

    The prerequisites for the waiver are:

    • English is your native language
    • You have earned a university degree from a program exclusively taught in English.

    Should you need to submit proof of English proficiency with your MIE application, we accept TOEFL (100 minimum), PTE (64 minimum), IELTS (7 minimum) or other English proficiency tests. If you have taken the TOEFL more than once, we consider your MyBest™ scores on the TOEFL iBT® test, as well as your TOEFL iBT scores from a single test date. The ESMT TOEFL institution code is 8707.

  • How should I answer the essay questions?

    There is no particular style guide for your application essay. Answer the questions as truthfully and directly as you can in whatever style you see fit.

    The tips from our team would be as follows:

    • use a spellchecker to avoid easy mistakes and typos
    • make sure to answer the necessary questions given in the task
    • make sure not to use  a different school’s name in your essay
  • When should I apply to the program?

    As we operate on a rolling first-come basis, we would highly recommend applying as soon as possible as seats get filled quickly. You are welcome to apply with your current Bachelor transcripts if you have not completed your Bachelor studies yet. The deadlines mentioned should serve as a guide for your planning.

  • Do I need to present my original documents?

    As part of the enrollment process, you must present, in person, the originals of your transcript and diploma of your previous studies. Note that if your transcripts are not in English or German, an official translation is required.

    Please bring those official documents when the program starts in September. We will check them then and immediately return them to you once checked. Please do not send original documents to us before you arrive on campus to begin your studies.

    Please also make sure that you have sent your GMAT / GRE and/or TOEFL / IELTS score report to us via the test provider's website.

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  • What are the MIE tuition fees and payment schedule?

    Tuition for the full two-year master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program is currently €32,000.

    MIE tuition fees are paid in three installments over the two academic years:

    • To officially confirm your enrollment and reserve your place, the first deposit of €4,000 should be paid no later than four weeks after receiving your acceptance offer. This deposit will be deducted from future tuition payments.
    • The remaining tuition fees are to be paid in two equal installments, at the beginning (September) and after the first year of the program.

    These fees cover all courses and seminars, teaching materials, orientation sessions, as well as career support.

    Please, note that in addition to tuition, students should budget enough money for relocation and living expenses. We recommend that you budget around €1,200 per month for living expenses.

    Full tuition fee information can be found here.

  • What kind of scholarships are available for MIE applicants?

    Scholarships are offered to accepted students who show academic merit and leadership potential. To be considered for a scholarship, you should complete the scholarship essay included in the online application form, and indicate your suitability for a scholarship.

    The scholarships offered at ESMT cover partial tuition fees. Most of our students cover the costs of their studies with a mix of scholarships, loans, and personal savings.

    Read all about your Master program scholarship options.

  • Are loans and other financing options available for MIE applicants?

    Besides scholarships, admitted students may be eligible to borrow the program’s full tuition costs through Brain Capital. Brain Capital offers ESMT degree-seeking students, who are citizens of the EU, Canada, or USA, the ability to cover tuition fees through an innovative funding scheme. Find more information about Brain Capital, its model, and its requirements here.

  • How does ESMT help with finding the right career?

    ESMT students enjoy the advantage of a distinct network that they can leverage in the future. At ESMT, our Career Development Center provides numerous opportunities for you to network with potential employers and alumni, and we will make every effort to facilitate connections for you. However, the outcome of your engagement with this network ultimately lies in your hands.

    While ESMT offers robust career support, the task of securing a job primarily depends on your determination, hard work, and how effectively you utilize the provided opportunities. It is crucial to maintain realistic expectations and target the right companies in order to maximize your chances of success.

  • Does ESMT offer on campus housing?

    ESMT does not currently offer on-campus student housing. Most students typically find housing within 25 minutes or less of campus since it is situated near a major central transport hub -  Alexanderplatz.

    Should you have any questions regarding housing, feel free to use our student services platform, where current students and alumni share relevant housing information with all incoming students. Our student services team is also open to giving you tips for finding an apartment in Berlin.

  • What should I consider before moving to Berlin?

    Visa requirements

    As a general rule, all foreigners with non-EU/EEA citizenship staying in Germany for more than 90 days and wanting to work or study in Germany need a visa before entering the country.

    Depending on the country you are applying from, issuing a German student visa may take up to 6 months. Though the process is often quicker, we advise all admitted students to book an appointment with the embassy in their countries as early as possible.


    APS Certificate

    The APS Certificate is mandatory for Chinese and Indian students who are interested in studying in Germany. Before applying to a German university you have to hand in your academic certificates and documents to the APS office in your respective country. This procedure might take time. We would recommend booking an appointment as soon as possible.

    You can read all about the APS for China and the APS for India on their respective websites or contact the German embassy.

    Residence permit

    After moving to Germany, students are required to register as a resident at the local authority (Bürgeramt) and provide their new address in Germany. After doing that foreign students are required to apply for a residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis/Aufenthaltstitel) at the immigration authority according to the address where they are registered (LEA Berlin if they live in Berlin). This document is the permit that allows non-EU or non-EEA nationals to live and study in Berlin for the duration of the program.

    Upon receiving a valid residence permit in Germany, students may travel to another country within the Schengen zone, visa-free, using a valid passport for up to 90 days per six-month period.

    Can my residence permit be extended after graduation?

    There is an option to apply for a job-seeker visa for the duration of up to 18 months. Having a German diploma brings multiple benefits compared to the regular job-seeker visa for international specialists.

    During this time, you can search for suitable employment that complements your German university degree.

  • What student clubs can I join?

    There are many student clubs active on campus, covering a huge variety of topics such as entrepreneurship, investment, women in leadership, and many more. All students are welcome to join and take part in initiatives.