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ASPIRE Together

ESMT alumni partnership offer

Partner with ESMT

We welcome you to ASPIRE Together, which was created to achieve and celebrate success together. We look forward to developing our alumni network and business school with you.
Building our community

A message from ESMT President Jörg Rocholl

"Alumni are invaluable members of the ESMT community and have helped develop our business school into one of the leading schools in Europe. We are pleased to share ASPIRE Together with you and look forward to your engagement."

What do ESMT alumni already receive?

Free participation in these alumni initiatives:

  • Monthly newsletters highlighting news and events
  • Invitation to free-of-charge events and webinars
  • Access to our alumni platform, ESMT Connect
  • Unlimited access to school email address
  • Yearly Annual Alumni Meeting for a subsequent cost per person
  • 50% off our executive education courses (degree alumni)

What is new in the offer?

We have three exciting options that vary in the extent of services depending on the tier level you choose.

    Offers to ASPIRE Together

    Gold [€500]

    Silver [€300]

    • 75% off any one ESMT Executive Education program
    • Recommend a person for an ESMT Executive Education Seminar and they will receive a 50% discount.
    • 1 free Annual Alumni Meeting ticket
    • €25 voucher for the ESMT Berlin Shop

    Bronze [€100]

    • 50% off any one ESMT Executive Education program
    • Recommend a person for an ESMT Executive Education Seminar and they will receive a 30% discount.
    • 50% off one Annual Alumni Meeting ticket
    • €15 voucher to the ESMT Berlin Shop
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    Frequently asked questions

    • Who is eligible to participate in this offer?

      Degree and post-graduate degree (PGD) alumni are eligible to participate in the alumni partnership offer, ASPIRE Together.

    • How long are these contribution levels valid for?

      The items in your contribution level are valid for one year from date of transaction.

    • Will the items in the contribution levels remain the same every year?

      We plan to keep this offer exciting and therefore items within these levels are likely to change on a yearly basis. We will inform you of any new offers.

    • Where does my contribution go?

      Apart from minimal administrative costs, your contribution will be split between the Alumni Network Fellowship and campus development.

    • I do not wish to provide my bank details for an electronic transfer. What are my other options?

      We are partnering with Stripe, which will allow donations from the most common credit card providers.

    • How can I avail of my ESMT Executive Education offer?

      If your background and skillset meets the requirements of the ESMT Executive Education program, you can apply directly online via the ESMT Executive Education program page. You will find a check box within the application asking if you are a ESMT alumni. Please select this box and our admissions team will be able to review your level status for the appropriate discount to take place.

    • How can a person avail of my ESMT Executive Education program referral discount?

      If your referee's background and skillset fit the executive education program and they are not already an eligible ESMT alumni, they can complete the application form on the ESMT Executive Education webpage.

      The invoice form requests participants to indicate 'any additional information.' The referee may put your name here and the admissions team will confirm the details and apply the necessary discount.

    • How do I receive my ESMT Berlin Shop voucher?

      Please email when you are ready to avail of your offer. Thereafter, you can expect to receive your voucher within two business days.

    • How do I receive my discount for the Annual Alumni Meeting?

      When ticket purchase is available, you will have the opportunity to choose your level directly on the purchase page and receive the respective discount amount.

    • If my partner/family member is attending an event with me (e.g. Annual Alumni Meeting), do I also receive a discount on their ticket?

      Specifically for the Annual Alumni Meeting, the Gold level does offer a discount for one family member.

    • Can I give my code/voucher to another person/alumni?

      Your benefits are strictly for personal purposes and may not be sent to other individuals.

    • What happens if I do not avail of one of the offers in my tier level?

      The opportunity to redeem your offers remain valid for one year from the date of purchase. If you do not avail of an offer by the expiry date, the offer will no longer be valid.

    • Is my contribution tax deductible?

      As these contributions are in exchange for services, it is not considered tax deductible.

    • Where can I learn more?

      Want to learn more? Please feel free to reach out to

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    ASPIRE together

    Partner with ESMT

    Contribute now!

    Terms and conditions

    • Offer combinations not permitted

      Each eligible alumnus/alumna is allowed one contribution level per annum. These offers are not able to be combined.

    • Executive education details

      Executive education (Silver/Gold): Once you avail of your offer, any further executive education courses will be 50% off for the remainder of your entitlement.

      Executive education (Silver/Gold): You must fit the role profile of the course you are applying to. If there are any questions whether your profile may suit, please contact the team here.

      Executive education (Silver/Gold): You receive 75% off the ticket price of the course, and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

      Executive education (referrals): You may only refer individuals who are not ESMT students or alumni. The referee must still have the required skillset of the course in order to be considered.


      All programs are subject to program availability.