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Finding work/life/EMBA balance

Challenge your career potential while enjoying life’s cherished moments

It can be difficult to juggle the demands of a full-time career, family, and an Executive MBA program. ESMT’s modular format by design gives you many advantages. By studying on-site one week at a time, every second month, you are able to continue to advance your career while also keeping obligations to family and friends. With the ESMT EMBA, you do not have to relocate to Berlin, so you are still able to enjoy life at home.

Clear expectation management is emphasized as early as in the admissions process. We highlight what it takes to succeed in the program, and assure students of their autonomy in deciding what work-study-life balance suits them best. According to Zoltan Antal-Mokos, Professor of Strategy, zealous perfectionism is not the goal. "The single most important tip is that you must face, and be prepared to accept, inevitable tradeoffs. A walk with your partner on a Sunday afternoon versus polishing the presentation for the Monday morning regional sales meeting versus perfecting a course paper in hope of an even better grade – the choice is yours, you are in control."

The EMBA does however represent a weekly time commitment in addition to work duties. EMBA alumni report working 10 to 15 hours a week on course work between modules.

Participants’ families are encouraged to engage with your experience: ESMT organizes a family day during the program, when you can invite your friends and loved ones to Berlin to experience EMBA life.  You’ll celebrate your achievement with your family in a grand graduation and evening ball at ESMT’s historic facilities.

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