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Partner with us

Nathalie Fontana & Andrew Flather

Partner with us to develop entrepreneurial leaders and advance research!

True to our ASPIRE strategy, the current focus of both research and teaching is on climate change, sustainability, technology, and innovation as well as entrepreneurship. 

Whether funding academic positions, fellowships for students, or supporting our centers and institutes, partnerships are accelerators for expanding research in emerging fields, enabling ESMT Berlin to further strengthen its academic leadership and attract outstanding new talent – in Germany and Europe. 

Our fundraising priorities

  • Strategic Initiatives

    ESMT aims to strengthen its research capabilities with strategic initiatives in socially relevant topics, promote the next generation of leaders, and thus enable progress for our society.

    • Sustainable Business Transformation 

    The goal of this initiative is to increase the intellectual footprint of research and teaching in key areas that positively impact the economy and society as well as to provide innovative solutions for global environmental and social challenges. This initiative will strengthen ESMT's partnerships with external stakeholders and expand faculty expertise in multiple areas related to sustainable business. These include professorships for sustainable finance and accounting, circular business, and energy markets and transition. Committed partners of the initiative are: BMW, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Post DHL Group and Deutsche Telekom. Furthermore and to accelerate the efforts, ESMT and Werte Stiftung have jointly founded the new FUTURIST Institute for Sustainable Transformation

    Interested? Contact Nathalie Fontana for more information! 

    • Global Champions and Entrepreneurship 

    The stronger ties to owner-managed companies holds particularly a great potential for Germany as a business location and for the interaction between listed and owner-managed companies. ESMT aims to foster this interaction and to develop it as a core feature of ESMT's identity. The goal of the initiative is to establish ESMT as an intellectual homebase for owner-managed companies and to support CEOs and executive board chairmen with practical knowledge and experience in businesses' most pressing areas. 

    Interested? Contact Nathalie Fontana for more information! 

  • Chairs

    By funding a chair/professorship, our benefactors make an effective contribution to scientific research and practical teaching of responsible corporate leadership in the global economy and give a significant boost to emerging research areas of highest societal relevance.

    Do you want to learn more? Contact Nathalie Fontana for more information! 

  • Centers and Institutes

    Our centers and institutes are platforms that bundle multidisciplinary and thematic research, open up new networks, and build bridges to practice. 

    • Center for Financial Reporting and Auditing

    The Center for Financial Reporting and Auditing (CFRA) aims to provide an effective contribution to scientific research and practice-oriented transfer of knowledge on financial reporting and auditing. Learn more here!

    • Digital Society Institute

    The Digital Society Institute is an independent, industry-oriented research institute for digitalization and cyber security that purposefully connects technical innovation with sustainable implementation strategies, designs cybersecurity resilience, and preserves digital human rights. Learn more here!

    • FUTURIST Institute for Sustainable Transformation

    The FUTURIST Institute for Sustainable Transformation focuses in developing and communicating innovative sustainability solutions and supports companies in their transformation. The institute is an important part of the ESMT Sustainable Business Transformation Initiative and is supported by the initiative partners Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Post DHL, Procter&Gamble and Schwarz Group. Learn more here and find the press release here! 

  • Talents

    Our students are the future leaders. Equipping them with the best knowledge and guiding them to think and act responsibly is our mission. Promoting students is a sustainable investment in the future of our society. 

    • Alumni Network Fellowship

    The Alumni Network Fellowship exists to cover full tuition and fees of high-potential MBA and EMBA candidates from the non-profit sector that plan to return to the field after graduation. Learn more here!

    • Master in Management and Full-Time MBA Fellowships

    The MiM and Full-time MBA fellowships enables adept students from disadvantaged backgrounds to receive an equal opportunity to an outstanding education. Learn more about the MiM and MBA scholarships that we currently offer. 

  • Social Impact

    Becoming an enabler of fair access and sustainable development in a global world.

    • Industry Immersion Program

    This joint initiative is a powerhouse for social impact in Africa, enabling young African graduates to enter the workforce, which sustainably enhances their employability. Learn more here!


It is a great pleasure for us to recognize the unprecedented support of our partners and to ensure that they can experience first-hand the impact of their generous support. By joining us on our journey, partners will benefit from:

  • attractive naming opportunities,
  • exclusive get-togethers with our academic champions and students,
  • and invitations to our high-profile events.

Do you have other funding interests or would you like to learn more about funding opportunities?

Get in touch with us!