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FAQ - Executive MBA

  • Why join the ESMT Berlin EMBA program?

    The ESMT Executive MBA can help you realize your fullest potential – and drive your career to the next level. At ESMT, we realize both intellectual and behavioral qualities affect your prospects for success. The EMBA program is a generalist business degree program with a specific mission-led focus on issues of responsible leadership, innovation and analytics.

  • Am I a "good fit" for the EMBA program?

    Generally, we look for applicants who have solid professional experience with strong managerial record, managing either people or projects. What the admissions committee will probably focus on most is what is motivating you to do an EMBA and how you see your career evolving after the program. It is important that your expectations are aligned with what the program can deliver.

  • What are the EMBA application deadlines?

    Space in the ESMT EMBA class is limited, and early application is strongly encouraged.

    Please visit our application information page for the latest EMBA application deadline information.

  • What do I need to keep in mind when preparing the EMBA application?

    Please be prepared to write short essays on your motivation to choose the EMBA at ESMT, your intercultural exposure, your goals after completing the program and about your managerial experience with an emphasis on leadership qualities and achievements (managing people, process, or budgets).

  • How do I apply to the EMBA?

    The first step is to create and submit your complete application through our online application system. You will be asked for personal data, your educational background, language skills and some other basic information.

  • Which documents do I need to apply to the EMBA?

    • Your CV, including dates and periods of your educational and career path

    • An organizational chart (a diagram which shows the structure of your division/company and the relationships and ranks of its parts and positions)

    • Academic transcripts (an inventory of all courses taken and grades earned through those courses). You must submit your transcripts in either English or German languages.

    • ID/Passport

    • GMAT/GRE scores (if available, otherwise, you can take ESMT’s Business Admissions Test (BAT).

    • Evidence of your proficiency in English

    • 2 recommendation letters

  • Who should I ask to write my recommendation letters?

    You should ask employer (former or current), colleagues, supervisors or other individuals who are able to comment on your professional and educational goals and potential (no friends or relatives) to write your recommendation letters.

  • Can the English proficiency test requirement be waived?

    Yes, the English test will be waived if you have graduated from an English-speaking university or work daily in an English-speaking environment.

  • What is the ESMT admissions test (BAT) and how does it work?

    The Business Admissions Test (BAT) is an admissions assessment test for business education programs and an alternative to the GMAT or GRE. Business Test Methods (the Creators / BT Methods) is used by many business programs worldwide. Please visit the BAT website for more information.

    The BAT is divided into 2 modules, totaling 5 sections. You will need 2.5 consecutive and uninterrupted hours (30 minutes to complete each section) and must complete the test in one sitting.

    Module 1 is a four-part MCQ aptitude test using Verbal and Quantitative questions to elicit the candidate’s approach to problem solving, communication, numerical and factual data management, and logical thinking. The four parts are:

    1. Communication Analysis (CA)
    2. Critical Thinking (CT)
    3. Data Interpretation (DI)
    4. Data Analysis (DA)

    Module 2 is a case presentation that evaluates your career maturity and business acumen for a graduate business education program. A case study is a scenario set in a particular professional context with which you need not necessarily be familiar. You are expected to analyze and then provide an individual response to the scenario, answering questions that gauge your analysis of the scenario. You will receive the topic of the case at the beginning of this module.

    Admission Interview

    You can choose to take the BAT at the ESMT campus in Berlin or take the test online from your home or office. In either case, your admissions interview will immediately follow the test and case presentation.

    The Admission Interview comprises two parts:

    • a case study presentation and discussion (Module II of the BAT)

    • a general interview (e.g. about your goals and experiences)

  • Why should I consider taking the BAT Admission Test?

    The BAT is the test of choice for around 87% of ESMT EMBA applicants. You can choose where you take the test, either on campus or online. The BAT is similar in structure to the GMAT, requires less time for preparation, and is tailored specifically to satisfy the admission requirements of business schools.

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Fees & financing

  • What is the EMBA tuition and payment schedule?

    The EMBA tuition totals € 64.800. The program tuition includes teaching fees, required cases and books, e-learning resources, lunch, snacks and coffee while on campus.

    EMBA tuition is payable over three calendar years.

    • A first deposit of 4000 Euros (deducted from future tuition payments), within 4-6 weeks after receiving the enrollment offer. In order to officially confirm the enrollment and reserve a place in the class.

    • The remaining tuition fees are to be paid in three equal installments one third at the start of the EMBA (October) another third the second calendar year of the program (February) and the final installment at the start of the last calendar year of the program (January).

  • Can I apply for a scholarship as an EMBA applicant?

    You can apply for partial scholarships when applying to the EMBA program. We do not offer full tuition scholarships to EMBA applicants. Scholarships are available to self-funded candidates only.

    You will find a list of funding opportunities here.

  • What is the EMBA class profile?

    Consult this page to learn about our current EMBA Class Profile.

  • What student clubs can I join?

    There are many student clubs  active on campus, covering a vast variety of topics such as sustainability, entrepreneurship, investment, women in leadership, and many more. All students are welcome to join and take part in initiatives.

  • What are the EMBA module dates and program structure?

    The ESMT EMBA in Berlin is an 18-month, part-time, modular program for developing global executives. You will attend intensive six-day modules every two months. Six modules take place on the ESMT campus in Berlin and four are international modules. The EMBA program begins in October each year.

    Please follow this link to find out the exact dates for each module.

EMBA webinar

An introduction to the Executive MBA / Admissions Q&A