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Sandro Gaycken, ESMT Berlin

"Richtig hacken, das machen in Deutschland nur 40 bis 50 Leute"

October 7, 2020 | NextErgo
Sandro Gaycken, director of the Digital Society Institute, talks about how hackers are scarely seen as a resource and how companies can attract talent from this field.
EMBA class 2020-2022

ESMT welcomes new Executive MBA class on campus

October 5, 2020 | ESMT Berlin
61 students started the Executive MBA program, the seocnd-largest intake at ESMT.

"Four Skills European Employers Want in Business School Graduates"

October 5, 2020 |
Sophie Schaefer, career services and corporate relations manager at ESMT, talks about which skills graduates need to focus on.

"Social Impact Manager Shares 3 Ways An MBA Makes You A Responsible Leader"

October 2, 2020 | BusinessBecause
ESMT MBA alumna Samantha Barlow, now a project manager tackling racial bias in policing outcomes, shares three ways her MBA equipped her to become responsible leader.

"The Business School At The Heart Of Berlin’s Changing Economy"

October 2, 2020 | BusinessBecause
Learn how ESMT Berlin has helped drive Berlin’s transformation into one of Europe’s most thriving business hubs.

"Ostdeutsche Macher in Berlin ausgezeichnet"

September 30, 2020 | Berliner Morgenpost
Innovative entreprenuers honoured at the Macher30 award ceremony at ESMT berlin on September 30, 2020.

"Wirtschaftspreis für die „Macher des Ostens“"

September 29, 2020 | Handelsblatt
The Macher30 event took place at ESMT on Septemeber 29, honoring so many outstanding individuals for their contribution to all of Germany.
Jörg Rocholl, ESMT

"Jörg Rocholl: „Der Wille sich fortzubilden ist ungebrochen da""

September 29, 2020 | Capital
Jörg Rocholl, president of ESMT, discusses how the Fall 2020-2021 school semester will continue with blended learning.


September 29, 2020 | Macher30
Follow the livestream for the Macher30 event, which takes place today at 5:30 p.m.
ESMT Berlin, MBA class 2020

"MBA 2020 – the journey so far"

September 28, 2020 | ESMT Blog
YuJean Chng and Ankan Guria share their experiences of the MBA program so far.
MIM students with ESMT letters

Financial Times’ Masters in Management Ranking 2020: ESMT Berlin enters global top 30

September 28, 2020 | Press Information
ESMT Berlin ranked 26th in the Financial Times' Masters in Management (MIM) Ranking 2020.

Financial Times logo

"What a masters in management did for me"

September 27, 2020 | Financial Times
Francesca Manganella, Master's in Management class of 2020, talks about most important lesson she learnt from the MIM program.
The European Business Review Logo

"Under Cyberattack: Learning For Leaders Through Play"

September 25, 2020 | The European Business Review
Nora Grasselli and Bethan Williams, program director and manager at ESMT, write about team dynamics in virtualized business contexts.

"Finding a sense of belonging at ESMT Berlin"

September 25, 2020 | Master Grad Schools
Andrea Manzi talks about finding a sense of belonging at ESMT Berlin, sharing how feeling at home is really important and valuable and how the MIM program is like being part of a big family.
Poets & Quants Logo

"The B-School Students Who Refused To Surrender To COVID-19"

September 25, 2020 | Poets & Quants
ESMT MIM student Ekin Su Matkap talks about how she has not been defeated by the impact of COVID-19 on her visa application, taking her class online until her visa is finalized.