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Federal Minister Müller at ESMT Annual Forum

"Africa must become the green continent of renewable energy"


At the ESMT Annual Forum 2019 “Global Change. New Challenges. New Opportunities,” Germany’s Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation, Gerd Müller, emphasized the importance of a partnership of equals between European and African countries to drive sustainable development. “The future will be decided in developing countries, especially in Africa,” Müller told ESMT Berlin. Besides various speakers from business, politics, and academia, over 400 guests attended the international conference on Thursday, June 6, 2019, at ESMT.


Müller stressed that Europeans must not exploit the continent as a supplier of raw materials but support its sustainable development goals. “Africa must become the green continent of renewable energy,” he said. “When it comes to private investment, I promote a partnership on an equal footing with Africa, as laid out in the Marshall Plan.” The Ministry for Development and Economic Cooperation also offers public-private partnerships in Tunisia, Ghana, and Côte d'Ivoire and is planning to expand this to Morocco, Senegal, and Ethiopia. “The progress made by these states in the rule of law, tax administration, and auditing is considerable,” Müller said.


With a view to the strong investment of China in the continent, he noted, “The 10,000 Chinese companies in Africa are only faced with 1,000 from Germany.” For this reason, the ministry has recently launched the Development Investment Fund, a program that promotes African small and medium-sized enterprises. “Our aim is to achieve sustainable development for both sides: more investments from Germany and Europe and at the same time the development of a broad African middle class.”