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ZachSoft: Improving decision making through sales analytics (B)

Independently published No. 520-0003-1B
Christoph Burger, Johannes Habel (2020)
Analytics, predictive analytics, decision making, lead management, sales, sales management, logistic regression, data science, machine learning
This is part of a case series. ZachSoft is a UK-based provider of software solutions. In its B2B software solutions business, ZachSoft had posted appreciable growth for 10 years in a row, but over the last five years, growth has stagnated. With increased competition and cost pressures on customers, the success rate of pitches had declined. Could a forecasting tool identifying key drivers of pitch success help ZachSoft enter a phase of growth again? Amy, in charge of the unit B2B software solutions at ZachSoft, had hired Phil, a young data analyst to set up a model and decided to implement it. While case A deals with the setup of the model, case B puts the learners in the situation of Fred, trying to apply the model in his pitch situation.
This item is suitable for undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education courses.