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Oversight or oversight? Lessons learnt about managing and governing organizations facing disaster

Academy of Management Proceedings 2015 (1): 16617
Vinit Desai, Chengwei Liu, Peter M. Madsen, David Maslach, John S. Carroll, Moshe Farjoun, Karlene H. Roberts et al. (2015)
Disaster, learning from failure, oversight and governance
Oversight can be defined in two ways: (I) "watchful and responsible care" or "regulatory supervision," and (II) "inadvertent omission or error." Research consistently suggests that the two forms of oversight (Type I and Type II) are likely at the heart of disasters or the prevention of disasters. Building on this year’s Academy of Management theme of "Opening Governance," this panel symposium of leading scholars in disaster and learning from failure research opens a dialogue on the relationship between oversight and organizational failure, both in terms of lapses as well as monitoring and governance, and their relationships with organizational crises. This symposium offers a better understanding of these forms of oversight and how we can deliver a clearer understanding of why organizational, economic, and social disasters occur, as well as how to prevent them.
With permission of the Academy of Management
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