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ESMT Working Paper

A framework for monitoring relational quality in B2B technology partnerships

ESMT Working Paper No. 09-008
Francis Bidault, Manfred Lüth, Olaf Plötner (2009)
Technology, R&D management
technology partnerships, trust, relational quality
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The purpose of this paper is to propose a framework for the monitoring of new technology introduction in a B2B environment. We focus on B2B environments, i.e. on projects where a new technological solution is implemented (and often jointly developed) with a client being either a company or an organization. In such a situation, where a supplier and its client agree to implement a new technology, both are exposed to a risk. The management of these risks can be handled through a couple of approaches: control or trust. The management literature has put a lot of attention on these two modes that play an important role because they drive the quality of the relationship between partners. We will explore their respective roles and build a methodology to monitor them along the life of a buyer-supplier relationship aiming at implementing new technology.


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