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ESMT Open Lecture with Ines Eben von Racknitz

"Why history matters: the historical framework of China’s global ascent" 


China has become one of the major economic and political players of the 21st century.  For some decades now, business and political leaders in the European Union and the US have been struggling to understand their Chinese counterparts and the new landscape. Key to understanding China’s future is its rich cultural past – one of Confucius, calligraphy, and emperors as well as years under Mao Zedong. Within China itself, the nation’s current global ascent is seen and explained within a framework of historical and cultural circumstances and within its multifaceted relationships with the world and an “imperialistic” West. In this talk Ines Eben von Racknitz will revisit and explain the most prominent “landmarks” of this history.

Monday, August 12, 2019
6.00 p.m.

"Why history matters: the historical framework of China’s global ascent"
ESMT Berlin, Schlossplatz 1, 10178 Berlin
Speaker: Dr. Ines Eben von Racknitz, Associate Professor of Modern Chinese History and Global Studies, School of History at Nanjing University, China

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Eberhard Sandschneider, Professor of Political Science with focus on Chinese and East Asian Politics, Freie Universität Berlin 

Registration opens at 5.30 p.m.

About the speaker

Dr. Ines Eben von Racknitz is an associate professor at the School of History at Nanjing University, where she teaches modern Chinese history and global studies. Prof. v. Racknitz has studied at the University of Leipzig, Renmin University of Beijing, and Stanford University, and holds an MA in Sinology from Freie Universität Berlin (2003) and a PhD in history from University of Konstanz (2009). Her research interests focus on China’s 19th and 20th century cultural and imperial history, cartography, and China’s global entanglement in history and the present. Her book on the Second Opium War and the looting and burning of the Yuanmingyuan was published in 2012.



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