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Virtual Reality tour

technological innovation in education

ESMT Berlin is one of the first-movers in the education industry to use virtual reality to bring the school to you. Such initiatives are a key part of ESMT remaining in the forefront of technological innovation in education.

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Playlist:  360-degree videos that are used for the ESMT virtual reality experience

  • Welcome to ESMT Berlin!
  • Overview of the Business School
  • Campus in Berlin
  • More about Degree Programs at ESMT Berlin
  • Attend an MBA lesson
  • More about Executive Education at ESMT Berlin
  • Faculty and Outreach at ESMT Berlin

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ESMT Experience

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ESMT Berlin | 360°

Overview | ESMT Berlin campus

ESMT Berlin | 360°

Overview | ESMT Lobby

ESMT Berlin | 360°

ESMT | Guided Campus Tour

ESMT Berlin | 360°

Campus | Garden and Restaurant

ESMT Berlin | 360°

Campus | Information centre

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Karo Labs Logo


KARO Labs GmbH (KARO) is a Berlin-based software boutique that specializes in the production of XR applications that are used for marketing activities across industries.

KARO’s mission is to simplify the complexities surrounding extended reality or XR, an umbrella term referring to augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) & mixed reality (MR) technologies together, and hence enable users to realize the true potential of this new medium of digital communication.

KARO is also the developer of the SASHA Platform (SASHA), a software ecosystem that provides seamless connectivity for XR content design, production, distribution, and monetization. The goal of SASHA is to make XR more accessible to anyone, anywhere!

Sachiko Kayama and Shantanu Roy are alumni of ESMT Berlin’s class of 2015. Their business venture was awarded with the Berliner Start-up Stipendium while being incubated at Humboldt Innovation in 2017. They founded KARO Labs GmbH in 2018 and were accepted by Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) for the Pro FIT – Frühphasenfinanzierung program as an innovative technological start-up in 2020.

Karo Labs Team