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Campus 10178 – Where education meets business.

Can we explain the workings of the business world with more than marketing blah blah blah? Campus 10178 is Germany’s #1 podcast on the business research behind business practice. Brought to you each month by business school ESMT Berlin, the 45-minute show brings together top scholars, executives, and policymakers to discuss today’s hottest topics in leadership, innovation, and analytics.


  • #17: Solape Akinpelu, co-founder and CEO of HerVest, speaks on the transformative power of fintech in creating access and returns for women, who are traditionally underserved by the financial services sector. Listen here. 

  • #16: Heike Hess of the International Association of Natural Textile Industry (IVN) and Alyssa Jade McDonald-Baertl, a board member of the German Federation of Sustainable Economy (BNW), discuss the opportunities and limitations of business sustainability initiatives and the priorities for achieving a global green economy. Listen here

  • #15: Marc Goodman of the Future Crimes Institute and Sandro Gaycken of the Digital Society Institute at ESMT Berlin examine how businesses manage (and mismanage) the threats, traps, and realities of aggressive cybercrime. Listen here

  • #14: Deborah Choi of Bosque, a tech-enabled plant startup in Berlin, speaks about the critical role of mentorship, networks, and investment for female founders and women of color in entrepreneurship. Listen here

  • #13: Baris Efe of Vali Berlin, the new entrepreneurship hub at ESMT, talks about how it all started, its 2021 summer entrepreneurship program, and where it fits in Berlin’s startup ecosystem. Listen here.

  • #12: Prof. Konstantin Korotov speaks on the dignity and humiliation in executive coaching practice and the upcoming ESMT Berlin Coaching Colloquium. Listen here

  • #11: Caroline Casey of The Valuable 500 speaks on leveraging CEO power for disability inclusion in the workforce. Listen here. 

  • #10: Dr. Stefflbauer speaks on the barriers and opportunities for women and people of color in the German tech space. Listen here.

  • #9: Ines Amri discusses digital economic development in Africa, drawing from a German-funded research collaboration in Tunisia. Listen here.

  • #8: Alberto Ares discusses the economic fallout of COVID-19 on EU migrants and marginalized groups. Listen here.

  • #7: Klara Lindner and Christoph Burger discuss how decentralization reshapes the energy sector. Listen here

  • #6: Martin Unger and Mandy Hübener discuss the modern workforce in the age of AI. Listen here.

  • #5: Chris Demchak and Henning Lahmann on wicked actors in cyberspace. Listen here.

  • #4: Didi Hopkins on how to use acting techniques for leadership development. Listen here

  • #3: Chengwei Liu reveals the business side of luck. Listen here.

  • #2: Ina Budde and Hannes Gurzki discuss the future of fashion – between sustainability and desirability. Listen here.

  • #1: Simone Menne takes on "loyal women and winning men" in management. Listen here.