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"Top 25 Women In Cybersecurity - Winners"

18. Juli 2019
Lydia Kostopoulos, Senior Researcher at the Digital Society Institute at ESMT Berlin is listed as one of the top 25 women in cybersecurity.

"European crowdfunding risks stagnation unless it adopts stronger regulation"

16. Juli 2019
Jörg Rocholl explores the lack of clear and consistent regulations, as well as Brexit, which damage the prospects of the EU crowdfunding market.

"Losing innovative employees to competitors can actually benefit employers"

15. Juli 2019
Stefan Wagner on the benefits of losing innovative employees to competitors.
Stefan Wagner, ESMT

"Firms can overplay the war for talent, researchers find"

12. Juli 2019
Workplace Insight reports on new research by Stefan Wagner on mobile employees.
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Losing innovative employees to competitors can benefit companies, ESMT Berlin study finds

11. Juli 2019
Firms put great effort in retaining key employees because they fear the loss of talent and knowledge spillover to rival companies. But this fear might be unfounded, new research by Stefan Wagner suggests.

"Integrating a workforce through digital disruption"

9. Juli 2019
Linus Dahlander discusses tackling the challenges of digital changes.
The Irish Times

"Higgins welcomes bounce in German-Irish trade"

4. Juli 2019
The Irish Times reports on the new partnership of ESMT Berlin and the Irish trade and innovation agency Enterprise Ireland in executive education.
Jörg Rocholl, Julie Sinnamon
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ESMT Berlin to deliver ‘Enter the Eurozone’ program for Irish government’s trade agency

3. Juli 2019
ESMT Berlin and the Irish government’s trade and innovation agency announced a partnership in executive education.
Stefan Wagner, ESMT

"The Upside of Losing Innovative Employees to Competitors"

2. Juli 2019
In Harvard Business Review, Stefan Wagner discusses the benefits of mobile employees based on his latest research.

"Booming job market and relaxed visa rules drive up the popularity of Germany-based MiM courses"

1. Juli 2019
Rick Doyle is quoted by MiM Guide on the advantages of studying in Germany and especially ESMT Berlin.
Bianca Schmitz, ESMT Berlin

"Family firms’ need for control and equity financing decisions"

30. Juni 2019
Bianca Schmitz discusses the special needs of family firms when it comes to external investors on The Conversation.

Event Horizon 2019 – Research & Innovation Stage: Academic Panel

28. Juni 2019
At the Event Horizon Summit, Christoph Burger discusses the potential of blockchain technology in the energy sector.

"The failure of privatization in the energy sector and why today’s consumers are reclaiming power"

27. Juni 2019
Renewable Energy World published an article written by Christoph Burger and Jens Weinmann on public influence over the energy sector.
The Telegraph

"The demise of Deutschland AG: why Germany's once untouchable giants are gripped in scandal and crisis"

22. Juni 2019
The Telegraph quotes Jörg Rocholl on the challenges for German companies in the face of an increasing reliance on international investors (metered paywall).
Jörg Rocholl, ESMT

"How to make crowdfunding work in Europe"

21. Juni 2019
If the crowdfunding market in Europe is to continue to develop, it needs an EU-wide framework, says Jörg Rocholl on Angel News.