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Nick Barniville, ESMT

"How the Part-time MBA benefits you, your company, and your career"

2. April 2020 | ESMT BLOG
Nick Barniville, associate dean of degree programs and director of the EdTech lab, discusses the ESMT Part-time MBA program.
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"How The Freelance Community Can Save Your Business"

31. März 2020 | Forbes
Mandy Hübener, program director at ESMT, gives advice on the advantages of remote work, including the hiring of freelancers, can bring tech businesses during the coronavirus crisis.
YuJean with her daughter

"Working, studying, and parenting – the coronavirus balancing act"

31. März 2020 | ESMT BLOG
YuJean Chng, full-time MBA 2020, shares her experience of working, studying, and parenting during the coronavirus crisis.

"A Wake-up Call for the Corporate World"

29. März 2020 | The European Business Review
Jens Weinmann and Christoph Burger of ESMT co-autored an article about how opportunities in the decentralized energy market can be good for the planet and business.
Nick Barniville, ESMT

"Online Overnight"

27. März 2020 | BizEd
Nick Barniville, associate dean of degree programs at ESMT, is quoted on how business schools deal with remote teaching in the current crisis.
Stefan Wagner, ESMT

"Tips from industry players on how FinTechs can survive through the coronavirus pandemic"

26. März 2020 | Fintech Global
Stefan Wagner, associate professor of strategy at ESMT, is quoted on how FinTechs should deal with the current crisis.
Book on wooden shelf

"10 books for self-improvement & motivation during the corona crisis"

26. März 2020 | ESMT Blog
The corona crisis has provided everyone with more free time. Tomek Nowobliski, ESMT MBA 2020, shares his top 10 self-improvement book recommendations.
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"How remote study is changing business school life"

25. März 2020 | Financial Times
ESMT Master's in Management student Sören Tesdorpf is quoted on how he and his classmates deal with the current situation and found ways to contribute to society (metered paywall).

"What, why, how: Women’s Leadership Excellence 2020"

24. März 2020 | ESMT BLOG
Executive education participant Helen Leitner shares her experience and learnings after completing the ESMT Women’s Leadership Excellence Program.
Global Network for Advanced Managment

"The Economic Impact of COVID-19"

24. März 2020 | Global Network for Advanced Management
ESMT President Jörg Rocholl took part in a virtual panel discussion on the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis.
Jon Charles Gore, ESMT MBA student

"Coronavirus Impact On Business Schools"

21. März 2020 | BusinessBecause
Jon Charles Gore, ESMT full-time MBA student, is quoted on how he manages remote studying during the corona crisis.

"The 10 most expensive things ever bought with cryptocurrency"

20. März 2020 | Medium
ESMT highlighted for accepting Bitcoin as payment method for tuition.
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"Wie Business-Schools von der digitalen Transformation profitieren"

19. März 2020 | Handelsblatt
Gianluca Carnabuci, associate dean of executive education at ESMT, is quoted on leadership skills for the digital transformation (metered paywall).
stack of money and chart

"How to help the right firms when (all) firms struggle"

19. März 2020 | ESMT KNOWLEDGE
Maximilian Müller weighs in on how to keep “healthy” businesses that temporarily struggle alive.
Mandy Hübener, ESMT

"How Can Leaders Effectively Manage Anxious, Distracted And Stressed Remote Teams?"

19. März 2020 | Forbes
Mandy Hübener, program director at ESMT, gives leadership advice on how to deal with remote working in face of the coronavirus situation.