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The project has it's own homepage that provides further information on the project and the possibility to record your COVID-19-like symptoms anonymously. is a database that anonymously collects information on symptoms that people can voluntarily provide when they feel sick. The platform was developed by a group of ESMT Master's in Management students as part of their Social Impact Project. The platform allows people who are showing symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 to record their data, even if they haven’t been diagnosed by a doctor and don’t know what disease they have.

The goal

Using data science methods, the projects aims to give insights into the early stages of the virus’ development. As you may have heard, many resources are becoming scarce such as personal protective equipment, masks, ventilators, and health care workers becoming ill while working the front lines. The insights the project gathers will support the optimization of resources for governments and health institutions and a better understanding of the situation of the general public. The project team is convinced that by obtaining a significant amount of data, they will be able to provide life-saving insights for policymakers and research institutes.

The team

Initiated in March 2020 by ESMT students and marketing/web development experts, the project consists of volunteers from different corners of the world. As of today, the team represents an international network of 35 volunteers.

How can you help?

The best way to help is to sign up and start recording via the Covid-data homepage.
You can also follow the project on their social media channels on Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.