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Coronavirus information

Health and safety at ESMT Berlin

Health and safety first: How ESMT Berlin is welcoming students to campus

ESMT Berlin is delighted to welcome students, executive education participants, and guests to campus this fall. In accordance with the regulation of the State of Berlin and recommendations by the Robert Koch Institut (RKI), we have implemented rules and measures for the ESMT community to live by in order for us all to have a safe and healthy stay when on campus.

Please download our health and hygiene concept overview here

Our priorities 

The well-being of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors, together with the academic excellence we provide, are our top priorities.

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Health and safety on campus
Health and safety on campus

Protect yourself and others by following our health and safety guidelines on campus.

Academic excellence

We are committed to delivering an impactful and high-quality learning experience, be it face-to-face, online, or in a hybrid format. We recognized the importance of digitalization in education and society as a whole long before the coronavirus made face-to-face teaching impossible. In 2019, we invested heavily in digital learning. This investment, along with our experience as a part of the Future of Management Education Alliance, has given us a tremendous advantage. We not only have the capability and expertise to deliver the highest quality of online and blended programs, but we also have access to faculty networks across leading business schools in Europe, APAC, and the Americas.

Drawing upon our extremely successful blended Telekom MBA, we have launched the ESMT Part-time MBA in Business Innovation in blended format. Timotheus Höttges, CEO, Deutsche Telekom AG, said, “Digitalization and agile transformation are key for the future success of large organizations. To support us in the development of a new generation of leaders with the required management skills and in the retention of top performers, we decided to offer a tailor-made academic qualification with a recognized degree. ESMT was the clear choice and convinced us with their program design, faculty, digital platform, and price.”

Delivered jointly with IE Business School and Imperial Business School, we are also offering the Master's in Management (MiM) Essentials Program. This completely online program puts you on the fast track to a master’s in management degree without stepping foot on campus.


  • What is ESMT doing to ensure the health and wellbeing of students and visitors on campus?

    We have developed an extensive health and hygiene concept for the ESMT campus, in accordance with local regulations from the State of Berlin and following the best practices of the Robert-Koch-Institute. The measures include cleaning and disinfecting frequently, controlling the flow of people within the building, maintaining 1.5 m social distancing, and attendance documentation. Rooms will be ventilated on a regular basis, and all visitors on campus will be required to provide detailed contact information. Please see our health and hygiene concept summary for more information.  

  • Do I have to wear a mask?

    Mouth and nose protection (a mask) is required throughout the ESMT campus and administration building. A mask must be worn any time you are unable to keep a minimum social distance of 1.5 m. It is not required when you are seated in the classroom or at an event or in the garden, as long as the social distancing rules are obeyed.  

  • I am returning from abroad. Will I have to quarantine before attending classes?

    Please refer to the Robert-Koch-Institute’s list of current high-risk areas to establish whether you will need to self-isolate when entering Germany. As quarantine regulation changes frequently, please get in touch with should you have any questions. 

  • I am a student or executive education participant and have been diagnosed with the virus. What should I do?

    ESMT has put internal protocols in place should a student or executive education participant receive a positive diagnosis. You should inform your respective degree program office or program manager/director. Your doctor will already have informed the health department, which will begin the official contact tracing. We will revert to online teaching while contact tracing is established.  

  • I was an event guest and have been diagnosed with the virus. What should I do?

    Your doctor will inform your local health department, who will in turn inform us. We will work together with the health department and provide information for tracing to break the COVID-19 transmission chain. 

  • I think I may have the virus. How can I know for sure?

    If you feel sick, please stay at home and join class remotely. Please go to your doctor who will determine if you need to be tested for COVID-19.  


  • Is the library open? What about the café, the restaurant, and the garden?

    We are working to ensure the health of our students and participants, while opening as much of the campus as possible. The library, restaurant, and café are open daily and will continue to be, provided everyone adheres to social distancing rules. 

  • Will we have face-to-face class, or will everything be online?

    All ESMT classrooms are being equipped with dual-mode delivery systems. When the number of students registered for a particular class exceeds the number of available seats, we will deliver that class in dual mode, i.e., in-person and remotely. For master’s in management classes, this will be the default. Almost all teaching sessions will have a section of participants in the classroom, with another section joining online. Sections will rotate, and students will be offered, on average, every second session in-person. Overall, we estimate that MIM students will have 50% of their September-December sessions in person, with 50% online.   

    For most full-time and executive MBA courses, we have the room capacity to offer face-to-face teaching. A remote alternative will be offered for those students unable to attend class for whatever reason (travel restrictions, health issues, etc.).  


  • I have a (current or pending) student visa. If the campus is shut down again due to the health crisis, how will this affect my visa status?

    This will have no effect on your visa status. If you have questions about visas or residence permits, please contact

  • I have to care for a child/loved one. What provisions are there for caregivers and parents?

    We want to support all of the ESMT community in these challenging times and are handling this on a case-by-case basis.  Please speak to your respective degree program office to find a solution that fits your challenges.  

  • How will the coronavirus situation affect my internship, fellowship, and study abroad opportunities?

    We have seen many internships move completely online. The global situation is too volatile to make any predictions regarding fellowship and opportunities to study abroad. We are working together with our network partners, especially the Global Network for Advanced Management, to offer as many virtual experiences as possible.  

  • I need to delay the start of my study. What must I do?

    We know that the coronavirus situation is a challenge, but we are confident that we can continue to deliver you an impactful and high-quality experience. If you are enrolled as a master’s in management student and cannot make it to campus on time, you may choose to join MIM Essentials Program.

    Should you not feel comfortable beginning your studies this year given the current circumstances and wish to defer to the following academic year, please let us know in writing to  by latest September 15, 2020. We will grant a deferral unconditionally to any student who requests one. 

  • Can I still apply for ESMT degree programs?

    ESMT Berlin is accepting applications for all degree programs and reviews applications on a rolling basis for all programs – MIM, MBA, Part-time MBA, and EMBA. For the latest information about application deadlines and degree programs, please visit our degree program site.

  • How is ESMT securing its post-crisis future?

    We have unified under the auspices of solidarity to examine all areas of our organization and concentrate our academic know-how on areas most essential for the future. The three pillars that have underpinned our academic and organizational development for years – leadership, innovation, and analytics – provide us with the foundation we need not only to meet the acute challenges caused by the corona crisis, but also to thrive in the future. For more detail, please see “Beyond the crisis: the role of ESMT Berlin in creating a better tomorrow”.


  • Which ESMT degree programs are available to me as a prospective student from abroad?

    The German government is issuing student visas to international students. Please see ESMT Degree Programs to find the program that best fits your needs and goals.   

  • What is the general regulation in Berlin and Germany?

    The State of Berlin uses a coronavirus traffic light rating system (rate of infection, number of new infections per week, number of patients requiring intensive care) to assess the risk to public health in the city and revise regulation. Generally, the situation has been good, and there has been continued easing of restrictions. When in Berlin you have to practice social distancing (1.5 m) and wear a mask in public places, such as stores and public transportation.  

    The State of Berlin has published the list of measures and FAQs (  

  • On what government guidelines or restrictions does ESMT base its policies?

    We follow the regulations of the State of Berlin, as well as the recommendations of the Robert-Koch-Institut.

  • My question is not listed above. Where can I write for more information?

    Feel free to contact Molly Ihlbrock, Director of Corporate Communications and Marketing. If she cannot help herself, she will direct your question to the right person at ESMT.