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Diversity, equity, and inclusion

The Inclusive Leadership Roundtable at ESMT Berlin
The Inclusive Leadership Roundtable (ILRT) at ESMT Berlin is an effort of its students, staff, faculty, and administrators to prioritize the values and practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the school and to champion the same in academia and the business community.
  • The ILRT seeks to right what is wrong in the underrepresentation of women and marginalized groups in positions of socioeconomic power and to build paths to equity and equality as an influencer and collaborator on the global stage.

  • All goals, strategies, projects, and output of the ILRT, where not legally mandated as confidential, will be open and transparent to all internal and external stakeholders of ESMT.

  • Membership in the ILRT is open to all ESMT degree students, faculty and staff, and alumni, whose representatives serve as the ILRT Steering Group. Diversity of age, sex and gender representation, race, ethnicity, physical ability, religion, sexual orientation will be honored in ILRT composition and recruitment.


LGBTIQ+ Campus Index

June 2, 2021 | Proudr
ESMT Berlin achieves the fifth-highest score in Germany and the highest in Berlin/Brandenburg in UHLALA's LGBTIQ+ Campus Index.

"A diverse class isn’t enough to change the culture of today’s business"

March 19, 2021 | ESMT Blog
ESMT MIM students Fernanda Aguiar, Mohamed Al-Mokhtar, Marta Jevtic, and Radhika Rajvanshi explore the importance of multicultural course materials in business school curriculums.

"Neuer Stiftungslehrstuhl für Diversity in Berlin"

February 5, 2021 | Haufe
Gender parity and diversity in leadership positions are increasingly the focus of management. ESMT Berlin and Volkswagen are responding with a new endowed chair to expand research on diversity in leadership positions.

Steering committee

As the ambassador to the internal stakeholders of ESMT, the ILRT Steering Group will contribute to the development of diversity and inclusion goals and collaborate to ensure that all programs, policies, output, and operations of the school are designed, implemented, and evaluated accordingly. This includes affirmative action for the recruitment and retention of women and marginalized groups in ESMT leadership, faculty, and student bodies.

As an ambassador to external stakeholders, the ILRT Steering Group will identify leaders in cultural and institutional change efforts, draw from their expertise, collaborate in these efforts, and ensure that ESMT contributes visible and measurable resources and leadership. This includes engagement with and active promotion of the women and marginalized groups of these initiatives in ESMT seminars, conferences, and formal collaborations.

  • Reggie Woronowicz, Steering Committee Member, ILRT and Student, Part-time MBA 2020-2022

  • Friederike Kreßner, Steering Committee Member, ILRT, Gender Equality Officer (EQUAL4EUROPE), and Executive Education Program Manager

  • Hakon Petermann, Steering Committee Member, ILRT and Student, MIM 2020-2022

Inception timeline

Encouraged by a student-led initiative, the then Executive Management Committee (EMC) of ESMT Berlin proposed the creation of the Inclusive Leadership Roundtable (ILRT) at its meeting in 2017. The EMC subsequently formalized the role of the ILRT as an advisory body to the EMC in 2020. With this, the ILRT assumed the mandate to provide, propose, and pursue methods and approaches for achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion goals at ESMT within the framework of its official charter and its ongoing strategic planning and with the approval, cooperation, and financial and administrative supports of the Management Committee and additional ESMT leadership.

  • Formation of ILRT and Steering Group: March 21, 2017

  • Creation and adoption of final Charter for the ILRT: January 14, 2019

  • Presentation of recommendations to ESMT Executive Management Committee: July 7, 2020

  • Mandate as advisory body to ESMT Management Committee: October 6, 2020